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Dr. Shayan Hedayati

Dr. Shayan Hedayati

General Dentist

Dr. Hedayati graduated from UBC Dentistry Program in 2010 with distinction in endodontics and periodontics after previously completing a degree in Electrical Engineering. His passion for dentistry was shaped from a young age being raised in a family with a dentist’s mother. As a general dentist, Dr. Hedayati continues his passion for dentistry in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, restorative dentistry, and surgery. He believes in excellence in patient care and strives to provide the best care possible to his patients in a careful, considerate and gentle manner. His mission is to never stop growing as a dentist and to stay up to date with the latest in science and technology through continuing education.

His education, clinical training, and previous work experience have well prepared him to provide comprehensive examinations and treatment options and be able to deliver a full range of dental services.

When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Hedayati enjoys spending his time being active in the gym or on a tennis court or traveling with his wife.

Dr. Nasim Anderson

General Dentist
Dr. Nasim Anderson holds two degrees from the University of British Columbia: a Bachelor of Sciences in Microbiology and a Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Since her graduation, she’s been practicing in the lower mainland as a general and cosmetic dentist.
Dr. Anderson has completed certification training in laser dentistry and holds certificates from the Institute for Advanced Dental Technology and Associate Fellowship in World Clinical Laser Institute. She is an active member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).
Dr. Anderson has taken keen interest in advancing her dental training by participating in various dental courses in cosmetic and general dentistry, laser dentistry, and orthodontics. She holds certifications in Invisalign® and Cerinate Lumineers®.
Dr. Anderson has a holistic approach to patient care. In our practice, everyone is treated like a member of the family and given the best care and attention.
In her spare time, Dr. Anderson enjoys being with her husband and kids, hiking with their family dog, practicing yoga, and making homemade delicacies.

Dr. Irena Mota

General Dentist

Dr. Irena Mota has been in dentistry since 2004. She completed CDA and RDH designations before going back to school and becoming a Doctor of Dental Medicine at UBC in 2020.
Her vast experience in the dental profession creates patient confidence in any dental procedure.
Dr. Mota continues her ongoing learning by attending a variety of dental courses including implant placements, bone grafting, tissue grafting and advanced aesthetic case planning/execution.
Dr. Mota is also an active committee member at the College of Dental Surgeons of BC, which is now becoming a BC College of Oral Health Professionals.
In her spare time, she loves staying active by biking, squash or just simple walks by the sea.

Barb Jumpsen

Dental Hygienist

There are three things I truly love; my family, the great outdoors and dental hygiene. I was brought up in a large family and needed the outdoors as a retreat! (Haha) I love the Northshore trails winter through fall and can be found trail running, riding, skiing or hiking almost daily. My love of dentistry has been fueled by awesome workmates and devoted patients.

Trails, trails, trails.

I love them!

They lead to beaches, forests, alpine, and through rural life and cities.

Trails always give us signs.

The pathway of life.


Certified Dental Assistant
She was born and raised in Coquitlam BC. She graduated from Vancouver Community College. Outside of the office, She likes to go hiking, travel and spending time with her family and friends.


Office Manager
Asal’s background is in Naturopathic medicine. In addition to working part-time as a Naturopathic doctor, she helps her husband, Dr. Hedayati to manage the daily operations of the clinic.
When not working, she maintains balance and wellness in her own life through healthy cooking, sports, connecting with nature, and spending time with her daughter.


Dental Administrator
A North Vancouver resident since 1992. She has two beautiful children age 17 and 14, two dogs whom make her life full of joy and purpose. Honey loves to spend time with family, friends and to take her German shepard for a walk after walk.