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01 Feb 2023

The Effects of Sugar on Your Dental Health: What You Need to Know

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Published on: 01 February, 2023

As dental health professionals in North Vancouver, Divine Dental sees the effects of sugar on patients’ teeth and gums every day. But just how does sugar affect your dental health? In this blog post, we’ll explore the ways in which sugar can harm your teeth and gums, and what you can do to protect your oral health.

Divine dental Dental Implants and Teeth Whitening in North Vancouver 03 Jan 2023

Can I Get My Teeth Whitened if I Have a Dental Implant?

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Published on: 03 January, 2023
Divine dental Dental Implants and Teeth Whitening in North Vancouver
Globally, the teeth whitening market is worth USD 6.9 billion. Each year, there’s an increased interest in achieving a brighter, whiter smile.

However, if you have dental implants, the process isn’t so straightforward. Veneers, bridges, implants, and dental crowns don’t respond to whitening treatments.

Whether you should get this cosmetic treatment depends on several factors, and you should always consult your dentist. Keep reading to learn more about getting teeth whitening in North Vancouver.

01 Dec 2022

Questions to Ask at Your Dental Checkup

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Published on: 01 December, 2022
Has it been too long since you’ve had a dental checkup?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, far too many people tend to put off scheduling a dental appointment. This happens for a number of reasons, and yet it’s definitely not the best strategy for improving dental health.

Once you’ve found a good dentist in North Vancouver, it’s important to make sure to talk to them about your current dental hygiene and tips for improving dental health. Fortunately, this article can help.

Here we take a look at questions to ask your dentist during your next checkup. Keep reading to learn more.

01 Nov 2022

Prevent and Get Treatment for Exposed Dentin in North Vancouver

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Published on: 01 November, 2022
Imagine this: you step outside on a snowy winter day or drink down a cup of hot coffee, and a sudden burst of tooth sensitivity makes you wince.

This type of sensitivity is incredibly common, and many of our patients come to us with complaints about it—but that doesn’t mean it’s something you should ignore. In fact, if you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, exposed dentin is often the cause.

Reaching out to a dentist in North Vancouver is a great way to reduce your dental pain and protect your teeth. Here’s what you should know about prevention and treatment for this common issue.

01 Oct 2022

4 Tips to Help You Overcome Dental Anxiety

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Published on: 01 October, 2022
Studies have found that nearly half of all Canadians develop some sort of fear or anxiety related to the dentist at one point in their lives. For some, that anxiety never really goes away. But how do you overcome dental anxiety? How do you prepare yourself for your next dental check up?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how you can remain calm when you see your dentist in North Vancouver.

What It Means if You Have Bumps at the Back of Your Tongue 01 Sep 2022

What It Means if You Have Bumps at the Back of Your Tongue

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Published on: 01 September, 2022
What It Means if You Have Bumps at the Back of Your Tongue
Have you looked in the mirror recently and noticed bumps on your tongue? The odds are these are your taste buds or the papillae between them—these are regular parts of your anatomy and nothing to stress about. If, however, these bumps are painful or feel larger than they usually do, it could be due to the following reasons, and you might want to schedule an oral dental check-up.

01 Aug 2022

This Is Why You Have Sensitive Teeth After a Cleaning

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Published on: 01 August, 2022
A dental cleaning often feels like taking your car to the car wash. Your teeth look brighter than they have in a while, and your smile will stay healthy if you keep up with the routine recommended by your North Vancouver dentist. But what if sensitive teeth spoil the mini makeover?

02 Jul 2022

What Causes Stained Teeth?

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Published on: 01 July, 2022
There are many reasons teeth discolour. Some we can control. Others we have to take complete responsibility for. Whatever the cause, the result is a loss in luminosity that impacts what could be a naturally white smile.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and even reverse tooth discolouration. What follows is an overview of what causes stained teeth and treatment for managing the condition.

01 Jun 2022

How Dental Bonding Is Used in General Dentistry

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Published on: 01 June, 2022
Do you avoid smiling because you hate the look of your teeth?
Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Being embarrassed about your teeth is normal, but there is a solution.
Dental bonding can help improve teeth that are discoloured, chipped, or cracked. In general dentistry, bonding plays a significant role in improving oral health and overall cosmetic appearance.

Learn everything you need to know about dental bonding here.

01 May 2022

Warning Signs: How to Identify Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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Published on: 01 May, 2022
Impacted wisdom teeth occur when the teeth don’t break through the gum line. This causes them to grow at an uncomfortable angle and press into other teeth, the back of your mouth or jawbone. Partially impacted teeth barely break through the gums while fully impacted wisdom teeth don’t break through at all.

Let’s explore the signs of impacted wisdom teeth, what complications they cause and how Divine Dental of Vancouver can help. We keep patient education and comfort at the centre of everything we do.